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Us Business Brokers

value proposition goes well beyond the criteria of quality, dedication and client service. Our professional staff is unparalleled in leveraging the comprehensive skill sets needed to ensure that your real estate and financial goals are met – and exceeded. What makes US Business Brokers unique is our extensive marketing program and sales structure. Every property we sell is exposed to the national market and every client is represented by a team of licensed agents.

continues to be the leading force within the industry as it moves into the future, always developing new and innovative practices for the buying and selling businesses, protecting client interests and refining the level of services every small and mid size business owner should expect to receive. Over the years, our experience has helped countless entrepreneurs become successful business owners. And as your partner, we’ll find the business that suits you best, whether it is a hotel, convenience store ,gas station or any small, to mid size or large business.

US Business Brokers is a
Midwest Based Commercial
Real Estate Firm

US Business Brokers is a Midwest based commercial real estate firm specializing in the sale and marketing of gas station ,Convenience store, Hotels , Liquors stores , other properties for over 5 years. Our primary focus is selling properties, whether it’s the corner dealer , a major oil company divestment or any major franchised hotel. We sell millions of dollars of gas station , hotels , liquor stores and other properties every year – there is no substitute for that level of experience. As experts in our field, we also provide a wide range of valuations, consulting, expert witness testimony and other services to the industry.

Meet The Team

Our People

US Business Brokers continual drive to improve and achieve has led to the creation of several divisions designed to meet the rapidly changing
needs of its business clients. UBB components of its success are the strength, professionalism and commitment of UBB Network of Intermediaries
working diligently with every client, not as business brokers merely trying to make a sale, but rather as advocates providing a comprehensive
consultative approach to each and every business transaction. You will find that UBB provides you with exactly the same level of service and
professional resources that a large institutional client receives from the finest investment bank.

(UBB) has been the industry leader for over years and has set the highest quality standards in the industry, provides the most extensive training
program for its Intermediaries, and maintains the largest national database of sold businesses to assist in business valuations. is a team of skilled
professionals helping in sales listings exchange that provides a confidential forum to facilitate the buying and selling of businesses. Our team of
associates consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in variety of businesses as in the finance, and consulting fields.

You’ve spent years building a successful business and it’s time to reward yourself for all the hard work. Let our qualified specialists do what they
do best: sell your business for the best price. U.S Business Brokers will work hand in hand with you to ensure that you get everything that your
business is worth.

U.S Business Brokers is a leader in the industry as a brokerage services company that specializes in meeting the needs of the business buyer and seller, and
in developing brokers through a comprehensive training program. U.S Business Brokers offers consulting and broker services to clients
regarding valuations, mergers and acquisitions, business sales, and franchise opportunities.


Our mission is to provide a confidential forum to facilitate the buying and selling of businesses, and to be the complete business source for helping business buyers and business sellers through the business exchange process.

Our team of associates consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in variety of business types, finance, and consulting fields. We have the knowledge, desire, and commitment to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. In an era where good service is hard to find, you need to look no further than U.S Business Brokers.

Our Core

We believe that just as an individual’s values shape the course of his or her life, so do the core values of an organization determine its destiny. At the U.S Business Brokers, we are committed to upholding the following core values in everything we do.

Honesty and Integrity

Through the sale or acquisition of a business, our clients are making life changing business decisions. Trust is fundamental in this process, and the highest standards of honesty and integrity are the foundation upon which this trust is built.

Extraordinary Service

The sale of a business is a complex and demanding undertaking, requiring us to offer the greatest level of service possible.


The value of our service will significantly exceed both our fees and the value offered by any of our competitors.